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The Program

Daily Hero is an all encompassing fitness program that offers training in dynamic body-weight skills, weightlifting and facets of dance/yoga. This program focuses on pushing what you are capable of and tailors a range of skills to your individual goals and interests.

The aim of these programs is to unlock an awareness of your physical talents you may have not realized through traditional training methods.

The Trainer

Spencer began his unique fitness journey when he first experienced breakdancing. Being a prolific athlete during his school years he never truly felt at home in organized team sports, he needed a new outlet, one that allowed for more freedom. He found his home in dance and bodyweight training. The individuality, the challenge and the community are truly special and bring out the best, physically and mentally, in an individual. 

With a lifetime of activity,10+ years dancing, international training and a NASM certification, Spencer is ready to share his passion of fitness with clients!